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Past Jane Axon Scholars

Past Jane Axon Scholars

Lisa De Lange, 2019 Jane Axon Scholar

Lisa De Lange graduated from Ghent University in Belgium in 2017. After a short period in Equine practice, she completed an Equine Internship at Ghent University. Lisa is now in her second year of her Equine Medicine Residency at Ghent University.

 Lisa had the following comments about her externship at Scone Equine Hospital:

‘I am very grateful for receiving the Jane Axon Scholarship - it was a great opportunity to expand my theoretical and practical knowledge in foal medicine and intensive care. The Scone Equine Hospital team’s kindness and dedication as well as their teaching skills were amazing. I had an incredible stay. Thank you so much for the experience’.

Vicky Savage, 2018 Jane Axon Scholar

Vicky Savage, an equine medicine resident from the University of Bristol, was the recipient of the 2018 Jane Axon Scholarship. She had the following comments on her externship at Scone Equine Hospital's ICU:

'I want to say a huge thank you to the team at Scone Equine Hospital for giving me the privilege of being the Jane Axon Scholar this year. With over 60 sick foals coming through the intensive care unit during the 4 weeks of my visit, it was incredible to be part of such an inspirational, experienced and friendly team. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to expand my knowledge of neonatal medicine and gain hands-on experience in critical care cases. I plan to apply this knowledge to my cases in the future. Thank you again.'

Esther Siegers, 2017 Jane Axon Scholar

Esther Siegers was the successful winner of the scholarship this year. Esther graduated in 2011 from the University of Utrecht in Holland and did an internship followed by a medicine residency at the University of Utrecht. She is currently in her third (and final) year of her residency and she is taking her specialist board examinations in February 2018. She has a special interest in neonatal medicine.

Esther had the following comments on her scholarship and time at Scone Equine Hospital:

'I am very thankful to have received the Jane Axon Scholarship. It was an unforgettable and wonderful experience to spend 4 weeks at Scone Equine Hospital with the Clovelly team. The high case load, efficiency and immense experience of the team offered me the opportunity to expand and develop my critical care and foal medicine knowledge and skills in a short time. The dedication and enthusiasm of the team was very inspiring. I am looking forward to the next foaling season in the northern hemisphere to apply the acquired knowledge and experience!'

Catriona MacKenzie,2016 Jane Axon Scholar

Catriona MacKenzie was the successful winner of the Jane Axon Scholarship this year. Catriona graduated in 2006 from the University of Glasgow. Since graduation, she has done an internship at Rossdales Equine Hospital, a fellowship at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, several ambulatory positions and she is currently a third (and final) year equine medicine resident at the University of Liverpool. Catriona has a keen interest in equine critical care, in particular foal medicine and the Jane Axon Scholarship provided her with the ideal opportunity to expand and develop her knowledge and skills in this area. Catriona spent 4 weeks at the ICU in September/ October 2016.

Catriona had this to say about her experience at Clovelly ICU. “I just wanted to thank you again for having me at Clovelly. The Jane Axon Scholarship offers a great opportunity and I feel very privileged to have been the first to benefit from this. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed my visit - the experience was invaluable and really confirmed to me that this is an area I want to pursue in my future career. Everyone made me feel so welcome and it was really quite inspiring to see how well the whole place works as a team!”